Why Isn’t My Pizza Crust Rising?


Why isn’t my pizza crust rising?It is one of the worst feelings in the kitchen. You take the time to follow a recipe, carefully measuring everything out, and when you pull your pizza from the oven, the crust is sunken. Why isn’t my pizza crust rising?

The answer may lie within a few different factors. The right balance of everything from ingredients, to temperature or climate, to the process of your preparation can impact your from-scratch pizza dough’s chances of rising. 

Here is a look at some of the things that may help your crust always rise:


While pizza dough may have some seemingly simple ingredients (water, flour, yeast) the process can still be complicated.

Water: Such a simple ingredient, but water plays a vital role in the activation of yeast. Warm water is perfect for fermentation (which will lead to your crust rising), but if the water is too hot it can kill the yeast, resulting in a crust that just won’t rise. 

Flour: Your standard flour has a low level of protein in it, which gives a final product a bread-like quality. Specific pizza flour is higher in protein, which helps give your crust the expected pizza texture. 

Yeast: Yeast is vital to the rising of your crust. Yeast must be activated first (by mixing in sugar and water). You must also have enough yeast. Keep in mind that if you are preparing your dough in colder temperatures, you may require more than usual. 


While you must pay attention to the temperature of your water, you also want to keep the temperature of your kitchen in mind when preparing dough. If it is hot in the kitchen, you can refrigerate the dough a little longer to keep it cool. If it is too cold in the kitchen, you can store your dough bowl near a heater, or a warm oven. Worst case, you can rest the dough in a bowl within a hot water bath.


Make sure you always follow the recipes instructions for the best practices for handling your dough. Whether it involves proofing, docking, or specific storage needs. Making sure you take care of your dough will help ensure it rises.

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