What is the History of Pizza Delivery?

What is the History of Pizza Delivery?It’s likely that you have faced the idea of mealtime before and said the words “let’s just order a pizza”. What’s quite surprising about the idea of ordering a pizza is that there was a time throughout history where this popular delivery option was simply not available. Pizza delivery is one of the first types of delivery food and it does have quite an esteemed history. 

The first delivery took place in 1889. Queen Margerita of Savoy actually got a pizza delivery after she became sick local food as she visited outside the region. When she requested traditional Italian food, they delivered an authentic pizza to her and since then, the authentic Margerita pizza has been an ongoing dish that the queen got delivered.

Eventually the common class would get access to pizza delivery. It took up until 1945 after World War II. In New York City take home pizzas became a popular option for many pizzerias. As more businesses continue to expand their service, the pick up in store option would also continue to evolve.

The modern standard of delivery actually started in need 1960s. As private vehicles became much more common in American society, it led to a lot of private delivery drivers. In the 1960s there was the option of getting a delivery in 30 min. or less a rule that still persists for many of the top pizza companies today.

By the year 1997 online pizza orders were available and by the year 2009 it was possible to order through applications for even faster and more convenient delivery options.

Today, there are even more interesting options for pizza delivery. From computer-controlled roving delivery vehicles to the future that could include drone deliveries, we are living in a world where a hot slice of pizza is more accessible than ever before. 

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