The Essential Tools for Baking Pizza

The Essential Tools for Baking Pizza

Here are The Essential Tools for Baking Pizza!

Pizza is a dish that can be surprisingly easy to make at home. We always recommend stopping by Top Slice for that authentic NY water taste! However, if you have ever had a pizza night or attempted to make a pizza from scratch, you know just how messy and time-consuming it can be to put everything together. Luckily, there are some tools that you can use to make the process of making pizza better and much more authentic. Here are some of the essential tools for baking pizza at home:

A proper digital scale:

Consistency in your dough means getting fairly precise with your measurements. Rather than using your measuring cup, you need to start using mass as an indicator for your dry dough ingredients. A digital scale can really make sure you are producing the most consistent results every time. 

Wood and metal pizza peel:

A peel or pizza board is perfect for putting your pizza in the oven and removing it. A wooden peel is the perfect option for putting a raw pizza in the oven as wet dough usually does not stick to wood. A metal peel can be a great way to retrieve the pizza once it’s cooked because it can quickly separate the pizza from your stone or the oven.

Pizza stone or baking steel:

A baking steel or pizza stone is going to be far better at transferring heat into your pizza. These products are excellent for getting more authentic pizza crust. You’ll get a much crispier result and you can get across that tastes like it was baked in a restaurant, even out of your own oven.

Bench scraper:

Rather than having to scrape up all of the extra dough that gets stuck your counter, you can grab a bench scraper to remove dough and work with it more easily. The blade on the scraper is perfect for chopping up herbs as well as for separating your dough into portions.

Keep some of these top tools in mind on upgrading your home pizza baking experience.