Recipe to the Perfect Calzone in St Petersburg

Calzone in St PetersburgA Calzone is far more than just a folded pizza. Producing the perfect calzone means using a recipe that’s fit for the best pizza restaurant in St Petersburg, Florida. The name Calzoni comes from the Italian word for trousers. It involves creating pizza dough first and then filling it with interior toppings. The added benefit of producing a great calzone is that you can typically add double the amount of toppings that you would to a pizza. 

Here is how you can make the perfect calzone:

  1. Consider using a calzone press and dust it with flour
  2. Start with a room temperature pizza dough.
  3. Begin by stretching out the approved pizza dough until it is the size of the calzone press.
  4. Place the dough into the calzone press with the flower and then begin loading the one side with your toppings.
  5. Apply some water along the outside of the calzone press and give it a slight press down to finish the calzone.
  6. Open the press once the calzone is sealed and score along the top with a sharp knife to prevent the cheese from bubbling and ruining the finish.
  7. Calzone’s need to cook at a fairly high temperature of 450°F. I calzone will also need to cook a little bit longer than a pizza in order to get the right density and to make sure that all of the toppings are appropriately cooked. 
  8. Any filling that has a fairly high moisture content needs to be cooked before it’s placed into the calzone. 

Keep these ideas in mind if you are going to be producing calzones at home. Picking up a calzone press can be a great way that you’ll make the perfect calzone every time. Contact us today or stop in to get your perfect calzone in St Petersburg, Florida.