Pasta For Your Pizza

Pasta For Your PizzaWhen it comes to eating great food, you already are presented with plenty of options. Thankfully, there are a lot of options that can help ease the pressure of making the decision between selecting pasta or pizza for dinner. 

While a lot of establishments offer pasta as a side dish when ordering pizza, there are now a few delicious options that go one step further by creating dishes of pasta on your pizza. 

So, when you are having one of those days when “all of the carbs” can best describe your cravings, you may want to look into one of these delicious double-down on the carbs pizza options: 

Mac ’n’ Cheese Pizza

While mac and cheese has found brilliant new life as a side dish at a lot of restaurants in recent years, you cannot go wrong by forgoing the side and just having the mac and cheese baked right onto the pizza. Enjoy the delicious combo of melted cheddar and other cheeses, tasty macaroni, and the perfectly crispy crust. 

Spaghetti or Lasagna Pizza

While these may sound like something directly out of a Garfield comic strip, they are real, and they are glorious. Whether you have a delicious slice of saucy lasagna in every slice or perfectly cooked curls of spaghetti, you are in for a delicious treat.

Ziti Pizza

Taking the carbs-plus pizza approach to the next level is the ziti pizza. This pizza option has crisp baked ziti sprawled across the top of the perfectly golden crust smothered in ricotta and mozzarella. This combo is dangerously delicious. 

Ravioli Pizza

Dough on top of dough is such a good idea. Little dough pockets stuffed with ricotta dotting the top of your pizza may sound absurd, but this creamy, delicious pizza option might just become your new favorite cheat day meal. 

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