How to make Garlic Knots

How to make Garlic KnotsDo you find yourself ordering garlic knots from your favorite pizza restaurants like Top Slice Pizzeria…aka the best pizzeria in Downtown St Petersburg, FL?  If you find yourself regularly making this order, you might be surprised to know that it may be equally as convenient to enjoy these treats at home. It may not be the same exact thing as our amazing knots and garlic knot sammys, but you can still enjoy making them as a fun activity at home. 

To enjoy this recipe, you just need to start with some freshly prepared pizza dough that’s still cold. Start by dividing the dough into long strips and tying the strips into loose knots. Let the dough rest for a while and begin the cooking process.

  1. Start with ½ tsp of Rosemary, oregano, fresh garlic, chilli flakes, asiago cheese, butter, olive oil and pizza dough.
  2. Combine butter and olive oil in a small sauce pan and melt them over a low flame. 
  3. Stir them together and adding the garlic over time. 
  4. Add in the chilli flakes, rosemary and oregano and simmer the mixture down for around 2 min. Let the mixture sit away from heat for 10 to 15 min.
  5. Place the cured knots into a medium bowl and drizzle them down with garlic butter. 

Save a small bit of the garlic butter for the final step. Place the knots along a 12 inch pizza pan lined with parchment paper and be sure to separate the Middle East half an inch to a full inch apart. Preheat the oven on its maximum temperature and cook between 8 to 10 min. for each knot. During the last 1 to 2 min. of baking, pour the remaining garlic butter over top. 

Place the cheese on top of the fresh garlic butter and bake until the cheese has fully melted. 

That is how you enjoy your fresh garlic knots at home! Now remember, this might be a recipe for garlic knots, but don’t forget to stop into Top Slice Pizzeria for not only the best recipe but also the best process!