Hot Rocks Pizza Oven Now at Topslice Pizzeria


Hot Rocks Pizza OvenAt Topslice Pizzeria, our great slice of New York-style pizza has just got even better thanks to our newly acquired pizza oven. With the introduction of the Hot Rocks Pizza Oven into our pizza making family, we are able to make our great New York-style pizza for you with an even higher level of quality and consistency. 

We all know that the crust is one of the best parts of a pizza, and with the new Hot Rocks oven, a delicious crust gets even better. The pure black granite stone that makes up the baking surface of the oven helps create an even distribution of heat across the bottom of the pizza, allowing it to create a perfect crust every time. 

This new pizza oven brings in all of the cooking speed and convenience of a traditional conveyor oven, but with the high quality and perfect taste that you might expect to get from a traditional stone deck oven. 

One of the best conveyor pizza ovens available on the market, the hot rocks pizza oven helps make sure you get a beautifully golden, crispy crust every time. Thanks to its ability to highly customize oven settings it allows for our traditional New York-style crust to be made with the best results. 

Part of that allows for such an even bake with this new oven is its forced-air air ventilation system. This new system pushes air through the oven, making sure that there is a continual circulation of air throughout the baking process. This air circulation helps ensure a more even and effectively baked pizza crust. 

So, if you are looking to indulge in a great pizza, contact us and come see our new pizza oven for a slice of pizza with a perfectly baked crust.

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