Common Mistakes When Making Pizza

Common Mistakes When Making PizzaWith millions of different pizza recipes found across the world, it is no wonder that many pizza aficionados can make a few common mistakes. Pizza can often be a very straightforward food to make but there are a number of ways that baking the pie can lead to some problems over time. Here are some of the common mistakes when making pizza:

Dough is inflexible: 

If you’re dill long stretch out there is a good chance that it hasn’t fully proofed. Your dough can start to shrink and resist if you don’t let it sit out at room temperature long enough. This can happen when you’re using frozen dough or shortly after you’ve made pizza dough too. Pizza dough generally needs to sit for at least 30 min. out of the fridge until it will stretch properly.

The pizza came out soggy:

Overloading your pizza with too many toppings or cooking your pizza at any improper temperature can often cause your dough to come out undercooked. When you start to make pizza for the first time it can be very exciting to add a number of excess toppings. The only problem is that you could risk burning the bottom while having raw dough on top of your pizza. 

The toppings are soupy or messy:

If you are using a baking pan with your pizza there’s a good chance that the toppings on the pizza could come out undercooked or even soupy. Using a cookie sheet or a baking pan can often cause some of the items on top of your pizza to undercook while your dough gets too hard to be edible. Grabbing a pizza stone or cooking the pizza on your oven rack could be a better alternative!

Keep some of these top ideas in mind as you are working with pizza ingredients. Honestly, your best bet is to contact us today or come in for a slice of the best pizza in St. Petersburg!