Cast Iron Skillet Pizza Recipe

Cast Iron Skillet Pizza RecipeIf you are interested in making a restaurant quality pizza at home, you might find yourself without a proper pizza stone or pizza oven. Some of the signature tastes that you get out of a restaurant quality pizza often come as a result of an extremely hot oven. In order to cook a pizza from scratch you may be tempted to get your own pizza oven or try to invest in a pizza stone. A simpler way that you could get the same experience might just be with a cast-iron skillet.

Cast-iron skillet can be an excellent way that you can produce a restaurant quality pizza at home. Creating your skillet in the oven at high heat as you let the dough rise and then dressing your pizza to place it on a preheated skillet produces the same consistency that you would get out of a hot pizza oven at a restaurant. 

You can use the skillet in two different ways with your pizza ingredients. You could buy either premade dough or make your own dough and then create the skillet on the stove top or heated up in the oven directly. Once the pan has reached a proper heating temperature after around 8 min. on the stovetop or 10 min. in the oven at high heat, you can arrange the dough on the inside and top the pizza. You’ll want to make sure that your oven is sitting at around 500° or the maximum broil setting.

After the dough and toppings are arranged in the hot pan, you can continue to cook your pizza for around 10 to 15 min. in the high heat oven. Check for these signs of a golden brown crust as well as the melted golden cheese. By keeping an eye on your skillet pizza, you can slide it off just in time and enjoy our restaurant quality pizza at home!

Orrrrrrrr….. come in now and enjoy a top notch slice of pizza made with New York water. You can now place a delivery online as well!