Best St. Petersburg Restaurant

Best St. Petersburg RestaurantIf you are seeking some of the best pizza in St. Petersburg Florida it’s important to find a restaurant that is synonymous with quality. Top Slice Pizza is a business with over three decades of experience in producing authentic style New York pizza. This pizza restaurant truly sets trends in the pizza industry and creates food which is the same quality you would get from a family meal prepared with TLC. Here are a few reasons why we are the best St. Petersburg restaurant.

Better Quality Sauce And Ingredients

The sauce here is homemade and inspired by New York style recipes. The goal is to create an authentic New York slice and it all started with a better caliber of tomato sauce to start every pizza.

The Experience

We have three decades of experience creating pizzas and we have perfected our recipes as well as found a number of suppliers to deliver a better quality of ingredients. We want to make sure that we can exceed customer expectations with every order.

Authentic Down To The Water

The dough that we produce comes from the same composition as authentic New York water. We performed extensive testing to ensure you can get the true New York experience in Florida. Getting an amazing New York slice comes down to starting with a better quality dough and we make sure the experience you can get is authentic.

Convenient Ordering And Customer Service

We want to ensure that you can quickly get access to your favorite slice with our order online feature and with excellence in customer service every time you come into our restaurant. We train our staff to provide better levels of customer service and we are always aiming to improve service times wherever possible. We truly are the best St. Petersburg restaurant. 

Order online or come visit Top Slice Pizza today for the best St. Petersburg restaurant.