Best Pizza in Downtown St Petersburg FL

Best Pizza in Downtown St Petersburg FL


If you are in St. Petersburg and you want to have an authentic New York slice, you have got to try Top Slice Pizzeria. Top Slice is producing a completely unique experience in the heart of St. Petersburg Florida. If you love the New York slice and you would like to get an authentic piece of New York in Florida, Top Slice is the best place to go. This is hands down the best pizza in downtown St Petersburg FL.

Top Slice was founded by the pros in Manhattan and since then the company has expanded across the United States. Offering some of the most authentic New York slices in all of Florida, Top Slice even uses water processed in the same methods as New York City. By stringently testing the water that goes into the dough, the creators of Top Slice were able to produce a slice that tastes authentic to New York.

Combining together an authentic dough from New York and fresh Florida produce has produced the ultimate highbred of the freshest pizza you can enjoy in Florida. Every ingredient is picked and designed to be a complementary element in every slice. Extensive testing  and a variety of recipes await at Top Slice Pizzeria.

Part of what makes this the best pizza in downtown St. Petersburg comes with the experience of the creators. These are recipes that have come together over 30 years of experience. When combining together a high-quality crust, a fresh sauce and a unique blend of cheeses there is a truly amazing product that gets created. 

The team at Top Slice remains dedicated to setting new trends in the pizzeria industry. With the overall goal to deliver pizza to customers quickly and with the best in customer service.

If you want to taste the New York difference in downtown St. Petersburg, be sure to check out Top Slice Pizzeria today.