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TopSlice Pizzeria

After spending more than 35 years of creating pizza in Manhattan, Top Slice Pizzeria is focused on bringing the highest quality ingredients to customers. With pizza being a favorite food around the world there are more than a few quality pizza makers out there. Top Slice Pizzeria is proud to offer one of the most authentic flavors in all of Florida . “Our team originates from Manhattan, and our goal was to bring the absolute best pizza experience possible to St Petersburg, Florida,” stated Top Slice owner Shan Bakrac. “After having huge success in Manhattan and then opening stores in Orlando, we quickly discovered that the pizza in Florida wasn’t the same as what was made in New York. We found the solution – the water.” New York is known for having the cleanest water in the U.S. In fact, it’s so clean, many people drink it directly from the tap. Florida has some of the worst water in the U.S. Due to the cleanliness of the water in New York, the dough was u er, crispier and chewier, making the pizza better. While shipping the water was one option to have access to New York style pizza, a better solution was found – The New York Water Maker.

Pizza Delivery in St Petersburg FLThe New York Water Maker has transformed pizza in St Pete,” continued Bakrac. “It’s a unique, water replication system that allows any type of tap water, from any location in the world to be transformed into New York water. In addition to the water that creates the amazing crust, the sauce and cheese are equally unique.” Additional information about where to get amazing pizza in St Petersburg and to learn more about the history of Top Slice Pizzeria can be found by visiting the company’s website. http://www.topslicepizzas.com/. ABOUT TOP SLICE PIZZERIA Top Slice Pizzeria is made up of a team with more than 3 decades of experience. They understand how to provide the best service possible for customers through true and tried service principles. Rather than following the trends, this pizzeria sets them. The company is dedicated to creating food and proud to serve and deliver it to customers quickly, always with a smile. Regardless of what location is visited, customers can feel con dent they will receive the most authentic, New York style pizza available today.