5 Underrated Pizza Toppings 


5 Underrated Pizza ToppingsOne of the best things about the world of pizza is that you can top the delicious, crispy crust with nearly any topping you can think of. Whether you are a meat lover, or you are looking to load up your pizza with veggies, the limit is your own imagination. The downside to pizza toppings is that most people tend to find their favorites and then stick to those with very little room for experiment. Here is a look at 5 underrated pizza toppings that you should be trying the next time you go to grab a slice.


Looking to add a little spice to your life? Whether it is a meat-filled pizza or a purely vegetarian slice, jalapenos are a great way to add some bold flavors to your pizza. 

Ground beef

You can never go wrong when adding some ground beef to your pizza. The proven combination of beef, cheese, and Sauce is delicious everywhere else, so why not enhance your slices by adding it to your pizza. 


Italian sausage may be thought of as a traditional topping for some people, but there is a large portion of people that have not tried adding the spicy kick of sausage to your pizza. 


Slices, bits, crumble, there is almost no wrong way to add bacon to your pizza. Adding bacon to your pizza is a great way to add a bold flavor to every bite.


One of the most underrated toppings comes from the world of veggies. Red, green, or orange, peppers can add a lot of different flavors to your pizza, as well as crisp crunch. As healthy as an option as possible, peppers can add some sweetness to your pizza without adding any guilt. 

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