5 Things To Do in St Petersburg FL

5 Things To Do in St Petersburg FLIf you are planning a trip to St. Petersburg Florida you might find yourself lost with the number of amazing things to do across the area. As St. Petersburg has long been known as a tourism hub, it can be important to narrow down some of the fun opportunities that are available during your trip. Here are the top five things to do in St Petersburg FL:

The Salvador Dali Museum: the works of Salvador Dali are displayed to great length at this incredible Museum. Take time to look through one of the largest collections of Salvador Dali artwork in the entire world. You can see examples throughout his career including sculpture, drawings, prints, photos and manuscripts.

The Florida Holocaust Museum: as one of the most stunning tributes to the people that lost their lives during the Holocaust, this museum serves as an educational resource and a worldwide historic site. As a very popular Museum for history trips and for visitors to St. Petersburg, this can be an attraction that you simply can’t miss. 

Clearwater Beach: if you’re interested in having a beach day in St. Petersburg, it’s difficult to imagine a beach that is more quintessential than Clearwater. This is one of the top beach destinations for many people during their time in Florida. 

Clearwater Marine aquarium: If you are looking for a beautiful attraction near Clearwater Beach, the Marine aquarium has a large number of exhibits featuring some of the marine life from across the area and tropical fish from across the world. 

Kenwood: This historical neighborhood is one of the main attractions in St. Petersburg Florida. The beautiful architecture here will definitely invite you in during your stay in St. Petersburg.

Keep some of these top attractions in mind during your stay in St. Petersburg. Oh….and do not forget to grab a pie or slice of pizza over at Top Slice Pizzeria