5 Essential Tips For Making Better Pizza

Tips for making better PizzaIf you find yourself regularly making pizza at home you may be wondering how you can enjoy a better quality result with your dough and the quality of pizza that you make. Here are some top tips that you can use to improve your pizza making at home:

Get a digital scale:

Most restaurants typically use a digital scale in order to measure out ingredients and to make sure that every ingredient in their dough is measured perfectly. One of the biggest problems that people face when making a good quality of dough, comes with inconsistency in ingredients. With a digital scale, you can always get the best results.

Upgrading your ingredients:

Using a better quality of flour or even choosing better quality toppings could really give your pizza a boost. Sometimes this could mean spending a little bit more, but it could be extremely beneficial when you taste the quality difference with your pizza. 

Cold fermentation for dough:

Most pizza that is made in a restaurant uses cold fermentation. This means storing your dough in the fridge after you formed it. Dough typically experiences better results when you let it sit for three days in the fridge, take it out to reach room temperature before stretching and then bake it.

Spread ingredients wisely:

A proper spread for any of your ingredients is important. If you typically overloaded pizzas at home, this can lead to problems with the dough cooking. Spread your ingredients out and this means everything including your sauce and cheese.

Upgrade your baking materials:

Using high heat when baking pizza is essential to getting a pizzeria quality pizza. Most pizzerias have extremely hot ovens but you can use a baking stone or steel to make sure your pizza is heated evenly. Upgrading the tools that you use for baking can make a big difference for quality.

Keep these top ideas in mind when it comes to making a superior quality pizza at home. 

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