3 Ways to Step Up Your Pizza Game

3 Ways to Step Up Your Pizza GameIf you regularly make pizza at home you may be wondering if there’s an easier way for you to cook it with precision. Here are some top tips from professional pizzerias on how you can bring your pizza game to the next level:

Upgrade your home equipment:

Adding Equipment like a pizza stone, pizza steel or other products can make sure that you have a better quality product. Pizza stones heat up far better than any pan that you might use for cooking pizza at home. A better quality setup will lead to better crust and a better pizza overall.

Improve your dough:

Making better dough takes practice and you might have to try a few different styles before you find something that tastes pizzeria quality or that you are comfortable working with. Once you find a recipe that is fine to work with and consistent with cooking, don’t change it up. Work on finding the optimal resting time, cooking time and ideal thickness when you’ve found a recipe for dough that is fairly consistent.

Add fresh ingredients:

Even if you are using very simple pizza dough, the quality of your ingredients can really elevate your pizza. Whether you’re upgrading the quality of the flower, choosing Farm fresh eggs or deciding to add in fresh made pizza sauce, you can work at making your pizza better each time. Don’t be afraid to try a few different combinations or even grab some fresh vegetables out of the garden to improve your pizza experience.

Try out some of these top tips to enjoy better pizza the next time you are baking it at home! With a bit of practice and some upgrades to your methods you can make restaurant quality pizza anytime. 

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