Why the Crust is The most Important Part of Any Pizza?

someone eating pizzaCrust can be a crucial element for customer satisfaction in any pizza restaurant. It’s often one of the main reasons why they come back into a restaurant. Toppings and sauces are great but they don’t always vary as much as crust from restaurant to restaurant. There are a number of elements that make up the perfect crust for customers:

The texture:various textures of crust can see it customer expectations based off of the ingredients they are placing on their pizza. A good crunch or a light crisp could be what one customer is looking for where is another may be interested in soft and chewy crust.

The flavors: adding spices to your pizza crust such as oregano or garlic can add plenty of new textures into the pizza and many new flavors that can improve your pizza.

Thickness: there are many customers that are also interested in having expectations on crust thickness. Some customers prefer the idea of a thin crust pizza whereas others are interested in deep dish or regular style pizzas.

The support your crust offers for toppings: some customers love to load up their pizza with plenty of custom toppings. If you’re looking for a good indication of the quality of crust, it needs to be able to hold up its shape even when it’s covered in toppings.

Your crust needs to be one of the signature flavors associated with your pizza. Before opening any type of pizza restaurant, you need to be able to find consistency in your crust. When training new employees, you need to make sure that they know the recipe or that you can prep enough dough balls to produce a consistent product even when you’re out of the restaurant. Your crust will define your pizza as well as the chances that people will come back into your restaurant.