Which Beer Should You Pair with Your Pizza?

Pizza and BeerIf you are considering offering a beer pairing with pizza, it is important to choose the right type. Certain types of beer can work to improve the flavors of pizza and pair extremely well with cheese and other pizza ingredients. Here are some of the top beers that you should consider serving to pair with pizza:

Pale ales: simple pizzas like a Margherita pizza is always best paired with a pale ale. The multi flavor of a pale ale will complement the toast along the crust as well as balance out some of the acidity that there may be in the tomato sauce. Mozzarella also pairs particularly well with hops.

IPA: An India pale ale is one of the perfect flavors to match up with a classic pepperoni pizza or any type of meat lovers pizza. For people that really like a stronger beer, pepperoni and other types of pizza meat can really enhance the flavors of the beer.

Stout: A good stout always goes well with mushroom and spinach ingredients. If you can serve a chocolate stout or a milk Stout alongside your pizza you can often enhance the earthy tones associated with different types of vegetable based pizzas.

Wheat ales: Wheat beers are an extremely popular choice for a fairly classic cheese pizza. If you have a few types of cheese inside a pizza and you want to enhance the flavors of them all, lighter beers or wheat beers are often one of the best solutions moving forwards.

Fruit ales: If you have a pineapple pizza on your menu, you should consider the idea of offering a fruity beer to complement these flavors. Pineapple style beers and strawberry beers can often be one of the best ways to complement the sweetness of fruit on the pizza or a sweeter tomato sauce.